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Paul Mowbray

Paul Mowbray Artist

Paul is an Artist, Designer and Craftsman. Artistically led design - visualisation award winning design and craftsmanship. Specialises in Painting , Carving, Sculpture, Woodcrafts, Restoration, Gilding.

A large part of the satisfaction in Paul's art comes from the bond with materials and technique. It may be the use of beautiful and rare pigments ground in linseed oil or suspended in a transparent glaze, the individual natures of working with precious metals in leaf form or sculpting and carving vibrantly figured hardwoods. These materials and techniques give the means to the opening up of an idiosyncratic worldview by the artist, providing great satisfaction in their work, linking us through history often to renaissance and ancient times.

This website and gallery page demonstrates the various aspects of the art and shows a limited amount of his work. Please use the details below to contact Paul for details on art commissions, design related services and the availability of original works and limited edition high quality signed prints of paintings as well as 2D work.

For portrait painting and sculptures Paul can issue an estimated completion date based on media choice and specifications.

Mobile: 07714 338 202

Paul Mowbray - Woodcarver

Read more about Paul in our article on this website here

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Paul Mowbray

Artist, Designer and Wood Craftsman


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07714 338 202

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