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Ravenscraig Castle (Fife) Past & Present

Ravenscraig Castle as it looked in 1902

Ravenscraig Castle as it looked in 1902

P&P Ravenscraig Castle present

Ravenscraig Castle as it appears in the present day

This massive castle, designed to withstand cannon, overlooks the Firth of Forth near Kirkcaldy. Long in ruin it was taken over by Historic Scotland in the 1970s.

Started by King James II it lay incomplete at his death in 1460 at the siege of Roxburgh Castle. Building continued, but in a modified form, and much of the intended work was never carried out.

Castle pictured in 1902 and today. Note massive wall with gunloops and lack of windows on landward side.

Date posted: 27 Nov 2013Last updated: 08 Dec 2014

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