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Place of Kilbirnie (Ayrshire) - Past & Present

Kilbirnie Place (Ayrshire)

Kilbirnie Place (Ayrshire) - A sad loss but could, perhaps, still be saved

Kilbirnie Castle (or Place of Kilbirnie) is situated in North Ayrshire between the towns of Beith and Largs. Though a listed building it is in a very bad state of repair. There are 2 distinct periods - a late 15th century tower to which an exceptionally handsome range was attached in the 17th century.

The tower is vaulted on 2 floors with walls over over 7ft in thickness. The palatial addition dates from around 1627.

In 1757 the castle was destroyed by fire and abandoned. Subsequently writings record that its 'pleasure grounds' were torn up by the plough.

Kilbirnie is building of the highest quality and importance yet ignored in writings - a fate it shares with many West of Scotland sites.

What a loss to our national heritage this building is.

One hundred years ago restoration was viable - today it would require a leap of faith but is still achievable.

Date posted: 17 Mar 2012Last updated: 08 Dec 2014

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Comment by: Gary Dawson on Sat, 29th Oct 2016, 2:38 pmRef id: 102

I visited this Castle years ago now but can remember the entrance arched doorway to the old keep is completely buried under tons of earth and rubble also noticed it had a pit prison chamber similar to Cardoness Castle again choked with rubble the wing added on to the old keep looked high quality palace style workmanship but found this even more desperate looking than the old keep slight remains of a walled garden nearby I've seen worse piles of rubble getting restored I wonder.☺

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