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Buckholm Tower Part 2 (Roxburgh) Past & Present

P&P Buckholm Tower past

Buckholm Tower as it appeared around 100 years ago

P&P Buckholm Tower present

Buckholm Tower - today ruined but still a good restoration project

This fine tower house of the 16th century stands upon the hillside above the town of Galashiels. A century ago it was intact but since then it has sadly ruined.

Buckholm is notable in several aspects not least of which is that it retains its barmkin wall and gate. The tower had an unusual method of access due to the sloping of the ground. There were 2 entrances: one (now walled up) led to the ground floor while above it another provided entry onto the first floor by means of a bridge or arched fore stair. Its lintel (removed to Torwoodlee) bore the date 1582 flanked by the initials IP and NP.

It is to be regretted that this splendid little tower is totally neglected when it could be so easily be someone's home.

Article by SCA member Brian McGarrigle

Date posted: 20 Jun 2013Last updated: 08 Dec 2014

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