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Scotland's largest map at Black Barony Castle

Great Polish Map of Scotland

Great Polish Map of Scotland

A campaign has been launched to save the world's largest 'map' of Scotland situated in the grounds of Black Barony Castle.

The castle is situated in the Scottish Borders near the town of Peebles. The map was donated by a Polish general as a tribute to Scotland having been based there during the last war. Polish students created the contoured depiction of Scotland, measuring approximately 50 by 40 metres (160 x 130 ft), with stone and concrete. The estate is up for sale. The garden (with its map) has long been neglected but now the race is on to preserve it. The Heritage Lottery Fund has donated £20,000 but more is required. Help is being sought from Historic Scotland.

Black Barony Castle (Peebles)

Black Barony Castle (Peebles)

The mansion of Black Barony began life as a 16th century tower house but this has been completely masked by later additions, themselves of considerable merit. Latterly in use as an hotel, Barony is now up for grabs.

Source: The Herald, 7 May 2012

Date posted: 08 May 2012Last updated: 08 Dec 2014

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