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Crossbasket Castle given a £9million kiss of life

Long neglected, badly vandalised and left virtually derelict, Crossbasket Castle near High Blantyre, Lanarkshire has been acquired by a visionary couple, Steve Timoney and Alison Reid-Timoney, who have invested £9million to restore the castle to its former glory and create a luxury hotel, restaurant and events venue.

Crossbasket 2007
A neglected Crossbasket Castle during a SCA visit in 2007 - the old tower is visible on the left

A-listed Crossbasket Castle is a typical tower house of the late 15th/early 16th centuries but these original sections are dwarfed by its later Victorian extensions. Well placed for defence above the steep bank of the River Calder, the castle had lain unoccupied since its sale in 2004 after which it had fallen into disrepair and was on the buildings at risk register. Lead was stripped from the roof leading to water penetrating and the interior was ruined.

Working with our contacts we have been able to bring a fabulous old castle back to life, preserving it for future generations

Three years ago it was acquired by Steve and Alison who began the painstaking task of stripping the interior back to tackle the rot and repair the structure using traditional craftsmen to restore the original features. "The vision has always been to create an authentic interior with the feeling that it has always been that way rather than a ‘boutique’ style. Working with our contacts we have been able to bring a fabulous old castle back to life, preserving it for future generations," declared proud owner Alison.

Crossbasket 2015
Restored Crossbasket Castle during a SCA visit in 2015 - note harling has been removed

Weddings and conferences will feature at Crossbasket with the old tower transformed into a romantic bridal suite.

When the Scottish Castles Association visited Crossbasket in 2007 the castle was boarded up and the grounds neglected. To see it now, brought back to life and given a purpose which will preserve it in the years to come is truly satisfying. We wish Steve and Alison every success.

During an open day event at Crossbasket on 21 December 2015, several members of the Scottish Castles Association were fortunate enough to sample the venue’s stylish hospitality and delicious food on offer by Michel Roux. A real taste of luxury with the warmest of welcomes from host Alison.

Crossbasket interior
Crossbasket's welcoming lobby and one of its luxury bedrooms

Find out more about Crossbasket Castle and what it offers by clicking here .

Article by SCA member Brian McGarrigle.

Date posted: 07 Jan 2016Last updated: 07 Jan 2016

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