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The Scottish Castles Association
Preserving the Past for the Future

Faces from the past – a snapshot of those who worked and played in Scottish castles

With so many of Scotland's castles now in ruins and sorely lacking in the life and vibrancy that once surrounded them, it's interesting to look back and meet some of the people who used to work – and play – in them. Enjoy this peep into social history, courtesy of some of our fabulous castles...

Dunnotar StAndrews
LEFT: Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven. This proud - and magnificently bearded - doorkeeper had just admitted Queen Victoria!
RIGHT: St Andrew's Castle, Fife. A portly custodian holding the key to the ‘Bottle Dungeon’.
Gilbertfield Fatlips
LEFT: Gilbertfield Castle, Lanark (now ruined) is the scene of a Sunday school outing
RIGHT: Fatlips Tower, Roxburgh (now consolidated) with a well-shod party from nearby Minto House
Ailsa Isle
LEFT: Ailsa Craig Tower, Ayr (sadly neglected today) with two brave visitors having ascended the precipitous path
RIGHT: Isle Castle, Wigtown (still inhabited today) ‘Persil white' blouses stand out next to the Mill pond (now drained)

Date posted: 12 Jul 2016Last updated: 12 Jul 2016

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