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Fairlie Castle - Ayrshire

Fairlie Castle

Fairlie Castle

Ruined, but well preserved, Fairlie Tower is a plain 15th century keep of four storeys with a later corbelled-out parapet and bartizans. The walls are pierced by gunloops. The basement is vaulted, and a small stair leads up to the hall and kitchen on the first floor. The castle was built by the Fairlies, but sold to the Boyles in 1650.

Wording taken from The Castles of Scotland Third Edition by Martin Coventry

Date posted: 18 Apr 2010Last updated: 20 Nov 2014

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Comment by: D McNeur on Fri, 9th Oct 2015, 8:20 pmRef id: 69

A nice example of an early 16th century castle in a beautiful setting. It's a great pity Historic Scotland think its conversion to a 21st century dwelling house with an extension and a double garage is beneficial to the public and the way ahead for scheduled ancient monuments.

Comment by: John Wilson on Sun, 25th Oct 2015, 7:41 amRef id: 71

I have been doing my family tree, and found I am related to the Fairlie family. It is amazing to see this tower is still standing, of sorts. Amazing to see it, and I hope to see it in person one day.

Comment by: Hugh Maclean on Thu, 5th Nov 2015, 1:25 amRef id: 74

Fairlie Castle as you are probably better aware than I has been bought and planning approval given to develop as a private dwelling complete with double garage. This I and other village folk feel is an inappropriate end to a significant B listed Scottish monument. Additionally access to a particularly scenic section of Fairlie Glen has been prevented despite the presence of a path for probably centuries. Could you suggest any help to prevent this?

Comment by: David on Thu, 5th Nov 2015, 12:50 pmRef id: 75

I personally welcome, and appreciate, any restorer's efforts and look forward to seeing it brought back to life - with a viable future.

Comment by: Gary Dawson on Sat, 29th Oct 2016, 3:03 pmRef id: 103

Recently had taken a walk up the dirt track no problem to Fairlie Castle the other small path follows the stream up towards the Castle but has been fenced off due to the restoration works if you turn right you fall 50 ft down to the stream below no doubt part of the defence at one time but if you turn left 20 yards you find the dirt track I approached on through the trees I knew the owner briefly and I would like to shake his hand in saving this Castle for future generations to admire.

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